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The ASEANTEX advantages

The ASEANTEX advantages

  • One-stop total logistics solutions
  • Precision documentation
  • Electronically linked to customs
  • Respond immediately to customer needs
  • Offer least cost options for customer
  • Personalized and regal customer care
  • Fast Customs clearance & delivery
  • Proactive 24 X 7 customer support
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Strong and seasoned management team
We save you time
The area of logistics, especially internationally with the potential problems associated with working across time zones, trans-shipment and customs can be extremely complex one and exceptionally time consuming. At ASEANTEX, we handle the whole logistics process which means freeing you from the time consuming arrangements necessary for successful deliveries.

We save you money
We practise low cost options and the elegant ways to ship your goods, its quite fair to say we know best how well your shipment could arrived at the preferred destination on time at the lowest possible cost.

We give you peace of mind
Customers are rest assured that shipments are carried out efficiently and effectively.

We value your business
We focus on your business requirement and customized our logistics solutions to integrate with the way your business operates.

We bring you the best skilled team
We have experienced people who always goes extra mile in fulfilling and exceeding customer expectation.